Better Option$ for Retirees

Better Option$ for Retirees   By Paul Murray, Wealthy Affiliate member   Does this sound like you?   You are a retiree and all you’ve got is a monthly social security check. You’re a retiree and your 401(k) is disappearing faster than you ever thought possible. You’re a retiree and you’re finding out that your … [Read more…]

One of the most dangerous scams

  One of the most dangerous scams By Paul F. Murray, Wealthy Affiliate member   This scam targets people who are desperately searching for work, online or otherwise. These scammers are the worst of the scum out there because they have no qualms, no hesitation of conscience, about taking advantage of people such as retirees, … [Read more…]

Two more mistakes that beginning writers make

Two more mistakes that beginning authors make By Paul F. Murray, Wealthy Affiliate member   So you’ve started writing that Great American Novel that has always been inside your head and now you’re putting it down on paper, or, more accurately these days, on your computer screen. You look forward to finding a publisher, or … [Read more…]

Three reasons to avoid survey work

  Three reasons to avoid survey work By Paul F. Murray Looking for a way to make extra money on your own time? One false method that may seem easy and lucrative at first is survey work. Retirees, homemakers, low-income workers, all of them may see survey work as exactly what they have been looking … [Read more…]

Is Millionaire Mailers Club a Scam?

  By Paul F. Murray It sounded so simple and easy—too easy. Just send Millionaire Mailers Club a check or money order for $198 and they send all the paperwork necessary to just send out mailings and rake in the money. Make hundreds or even thousands a week just for doing mailings. Be a retiree … [Read more…]

Five mistakes that beginning novelists make

  By Paul F. Murray, Wealthy Affiliate member: link to Wealthy Affiliate website on my post entitled “Wealthy Affiliate: legitimate, non-scam moneymaker Poor grammar and punctuation   This may seem like a no-brainer, but believe me, there are authors out there who think this is simply not an important item to consider. I do book … [Read more…]

One promise freelance writers need to be wary of

By Paul F. Murray, Wealthy Affiliate member I started several months ago with a freelance writing platform that listed lots of magazines and other places to publish articles and stories. I paid a registration fee for the site, which promised “Make $2,000-$10,000 your first week!!!”  Yeah, right. I feel that Wealthy Affiliate is far and … [Read more…]

One consideration for wannabe writers

grammar By Paul F. Murray Writing your first novel—grammar and punctuation. Writing your first article. So you want to make legitimate money through a work-at-home project? One way is Wealthy Affiliate. See my article post “Wealthy Affiliate–Legitimate, non-scam moneymaker” for further information about WA and a link to their website. Another way that many people … [Read more…]

Three frequent scams

  By Paul F. Murray, Wealthy Affiliate member People looking for legitimate work at home jobs are frequent targets for scammers. This is a shortened version of my other article relating to oft-used scams and how to spot them and tell the difference between real honest-to-goodness work at home options, and false hopes. Wealthy Affiliate … [Read more…]