Your Novel’s First Page

Your Novel’s First Page (Note: This article first appeared in Readers’ Favorite Reviews) By Paul F. Murray, Wealthy Affiliate member Here are two hypothetical beginnings to a novel: Beginning No. 1 Caroline heard the knock on her front door from her upstairs bedroom. It was probably next door neighbor and widow Mrs. McGillicuddy again. As … [Read more…]

Retirees need to avoid scams

Retirees need to avoid scams By Paul F. Murray, Wealthy Affiliate member You’re a retiree and you’re finding out that you just can’t live on your monthly social security check plus your small pension, and/or your 401(k) money is disappearing faster than you ever thought possible. You have a couple of choices: go back to … [Read more…]

Don’t fool with diabetes

Don’t fool around with diabetes By Paul F. Murray You’ve seen the ads on television—with the fine print usually saying “actor portrayal”. Now take it from someone who is not an actor but a real person who has been through it: Don’t underestimate the power of diabetes to complicate your life or even kill you. … [Read more…]

Amolatina and dating service review

  Reviewing Amolatina, dating services By Paul Murray   Are these legit dating sites? Depends upon whom you want to believe. There are some incredibly negative reviews for both of these dating sites, and some incredibly positive reviews that the negative crowd says were written by professional marketers, although they may have been written … [Read more…]

How to get published as a new author

How to get published if you’re a beginning author By Paul F. Murray, Wealthy Affiliate member Okay, you’ve finished that work of art, that Great American Novel, that you have spent years writing and re-writing. Draft after draft. And now, it’s ready to submit to a publisher. You want people to read your novel, or … [Read more…]

Best use of 401(k) money

The best use of your 401(k) By Paul F. Murray, Wealthy Affiliate member   So you’ve worked for 40-45 years and your 401(k) portfolio has over a million dollars in it (assuming you haven’t been working at a fast food place all these years). I’ve gotten the impression from watching some of those commercials on … [Read more…]

Female protagonists, Part 2

Female Protagonists, Part 2 By Paul F. Murray, Wealthy Affiliate member, non-scam online moneymaking platform   I have laid out my viewpoint on how male authors should best represent women in their novels. Just a quick summary: (1) No damsels in distress needing rescue, please. That cliché plot was old a hundred years ago. (2) … [Read more…]

Female protagonists, male writers, Part 1

Female Protagonists, Male Writers, Part 1 By Paul Murray, Wealthy Affiliate member Much of the information in this post could just as easily apply to authors and wanna-be authors  both male and female. This post refers to how female characters in novels today should be written about, based upon my experience as both an author … [Read more…]

A Better Bet for Bettors

A Better Bet for Bettors by Paul F. Murray, Wealthy Affiliate member You bet the ranch on the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. How could they lose? The Philadelphia Eagles had to rely on a second-string quarterback (Nick Foles, with a so-so reputation going in) and a bunch of players most of … [Read more…]