Three reasons to avoid survey work

  Three reasons to avoid survey work By Paul F. Murray Looking for a way to make extra money on your own time? One false method that may seem easy and lucrative at first is survey work. Retirees, homemakers, low-income workers, all of them may see survey work as exactly what they have been looking … [Read more…]

Is Millionaire Mailers Club a Scam?   By Paul F. Murray   It sounded so simple and easy—too easy. Just send Millionaire Mailers Club a check or money order for $198 and they send all the paperwork necessary to just send out mailings and rake in the money. Make hundreds or even thousands a week just for doing mailings. Be … [Read more…]

Five mistakes that beginning novelists make

  By Paul F. Murray, Wealthy Affiliate member Novice author mistakes; tips for beginning authors–5 common mistakes Poor grammar and punctuation   This may seem like a no-brainer, but believe me, there are authors out there who think this is simply not an important item to consider. I do book reviews for a review service … [Read more…]