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My name is Paul F. Murray and I am a retired newspaper editor and reporter. Like many people–college students, young adults and their families, people approaching retirement or already in retirement–I needed extra income. I checked out lots of online options, but none of them worked. I tried doing craft work, but my DVD holders never seemed to be good enough, and I didn’t have money to keep buying crafting materials for no payback. I tried buying guides and articles on how to freelance, and didn’t make a dime off any of them. I finally figured out that these guides and article writers were just “mining the miners” and they had no vested interest in seeing me succeed. They had already made their money by having people buy their guides and articles. Then I found Wealthy Affiliate, with Kyle and Carson, who are real people, real mentors, with whom I could actually communicate. No more 800 numbers that didn’t work. No more email requests for help that were ignored. And the fee is small and reasonable, and includes everything needed for success. Kyle and Carson have a vested interest in seeing all Wealthy Affiliate members succeed, so that they can continue to succeed.

Let me add, for anyone who may be interested, that I have four novels in print, all available on “Freedom’s Long March”, “The Gifts and The Fruits”, “West of the Sunset” and “Against the Wild Green Range”.



I want to help people who need extra income to find it. I want to help people to avoid scams. There are plenty of scammers out there. There are the genuine scammers, who take your money and then disappear, and then there are simply lots of people and organizations out there that actually mean well, but their systems don’t work nearly as well as they promise, or they don’t work at all. Wealthy Affiliate has excellent reviews and a solid reputation in the business community. Go through the training and you can actually make money like they say.



My goal is to guide people needing extra income toward Wealthy Affiliate so that they can avoid wasting time and money on all of the scam sites and misguided sites that are out there. You can take years searching on your own for a legitimate make money online website and not make a dime in the process. I want people to discover what I have discovered, in Wealthy Affiliate

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Paul F. Murray

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