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By Paul Murray, Wealthy Affiliate memberYellow Signage Retirement Facebook Cover



You are a retiree and all you’ve got is a monthly social security check. You’re a retiree and your 401(k) is disappearing faster than you ever thought possible. You’re a retiree and you’re finding out that your monthly SS check plus your pension are just not enough to enable you to live the lifestyle that you wanted in retirement, e.g. the freedom to travel, the freedom to spend more time doing volunteer work, the freedom to devote more time to hobbies and entertainment, the freedom spend more time with your kids and grandkids.


Very reluctantly, at age 65, 70, 75, 80, whatever, you decide with a hefty sigh that you will have to go back to work part-time, or, God forbid, full-time. You will lose your ability to travel when you want; you will lose the time to engage in that special hobby; you will once more be subject to the tyranny of the alarm clock waking you out of a sound sleep, the time clock telling you when to be at work, and a boss.


There is an alternative. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate, an online affiliate marketing platform. It is not a get rich quick outfit, but a genuine training program designed to make you money through affiliate marketing after thorough training. Maybe you’ve seen the ads for some of these other work-at-home platforms: “Buy our training program and make your first $5,000 tomorrow!” “Buy our video series and we guarantee if you follow our system you’ll make $100,000 your first month, or your money back!” “I went from poverty to being a multi-millionaire within just a few weeks using a money-making system I discovered!”


Yeah, right.

There are several problems with these alleged get-rich-quick schemes. First, some of them are outright scams. They take your money and you never hear from them again. Some of these get-rich-quick websites even employ professional actors and actresses pretending to be successful users whatever money-making scheme they’re selling. These actors and actresses give “testimonies” about how they used the training that the website is trying to sell and how they then became millionaires who quit their day jobs. (I’ve seen some of the ads put out their by these B-list or even C-list actors and actresses begging for work giving “testimonials” that are patently false.


Even for ads that are genuine, if you fail to be able to be able to implement the ad’s system as they advertise it, you are no better off if all you “earn” is your registration fee money back.


For the sake of argument, let’s say you have found an online advertisement that appears genuine and that says that you, too, can make thousands or even millions within a matter of weeks or even days. Read the tiny fine print and it will say something along the lines of: “These results are not typical. You may not earn as much as the people giving testimonies.” And beyond that, even if an honest-looking online platform says you can make thousands or millions quickly with their system, the platform owner(s) may have an expectation of you that you already know a great deal about computers–how to toggle them, how to manipulate and customize a website or even create one yourself from scratch. The platform owner(s) may assume that you know computer lingo and so you can “fast pace” yourself and they don’t have to spend time teaching you the computer basics that are requisite to implementing their money-making system.


If you are in your 60s, your 70s or your 80s, did you grow up using computers in the 1940s, the 1950s, the 1960s? If you didn’t, then you may lack the computer skills which these get-rich-quick platforms are assuming you have in order to operate their online marketing training programs properly and make money from them. For starters, do you know what a computer “theme” is? Hint: it has nothing to do with analyzing a novel and what your high school American Literature teacher talked about. If you don’t know what a “theme” is as it relates to computers, then you have got a lot of learning to do about computers before most online marketing systems will make you anything.


So why is Wealthy Affiliate better?


First of all, Wealthy Affiliate is no scam. The owners, Kyle and Carson, do not take your registration fee and run. It is only $19 the first month for Premium membership and only $49 a month after that. You can even try it out for free. But beyond that, with Wealthy Affiliate, you will get the computer training that you need as part and parcel of their program. Not only will Kyle and Carson stick with you and answer your questions and explain how-to methods as you go along with your affiliate marketing training, but also you will have an entire network of Wealthy Affiliate members to help you with both your computer and marketing training questions. If you get stuck, Kyle or one of the other WA members will unstuck you.


In other words, with Wealthy Affiliate, they do not sell you an affiliate marketing training video or series of videos and then leave you to figure it all out on your own.

I would be curious how others have managed, or failed, to make their 401(k) money last through retirem



  1. Claudia H. Blanton

    I am in complete agreement with you on all points! I have talked to a few older family members and friends and pointed out how Wealthy Affiliate could benefit them, not just financially but also socially.

    We surely have a great community there, and a very diverse one, on top of it, so everyone could find someone to relate to.

    Of course, most importantly, the platform is there to create an income, but there are deeper benefits as well.


    • admin

      Thank you, Claudia, and best wishes to you. I want seniors to realize that they do have money-making options in retirement, such as Wealthy Affiliate, which will produce income and social contacts, without having to make the commitment of 40-60 hours a week in time and in obeying a boss. Some of us simply don’t have the health, or the desire, to do that anymore. With my arthritis, I just can’t hold down a full-time job anymore. And yes, there are deeper benefits as well. I have met a lot of nice people that I would never have met any other way than through Wealthy Affiliate. God bless!

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