I always come back to Wealthy Affiliate

I always come back to Wealthy Affiliate

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By Paul F. Murray

Every now and then when I get discouraged in my Wealthy Affiliate training I start looking for other ways to earn extra income, and in the end I always come back to Wealthy Affiliate. Simply put, no other platform has what Wealthy Affiliate offers.

For starters, the owners, Kyle and Carson are heavily involved in the process. Kyle is available to answer questions. So is the community. I simply don’t find that type of help being advertised on other platforms. It’s simply not available.

I thought I might try travel as a source of second income. Who doesn’t like to travel? And get paid for doing it? Seemed like a perfect fit for me. But not so fast. First off, in order to evaluate restaurants and hotels, you need to have had some experience, preferably extensive, in the restaurant or hotel business. You don’t just walk into the Ritz Hotel, or wherever, and start looking over a checklist without having had a thorough background in what is important and what isn’t.

This left me with the option of becoming a travel writer. Sure, spend tens of thousands of dollars traveling the world and hope that one-maybe one—of my articles would attract some travel magazine’s attention. The odds of getting a travel article published are the same as for any writer trying to get an article published—less than zero. As a travel writer, I would be subject to the same criteria as any aspiring magazine writer—send out dozens, maybe even hundreds, of query letters, and hope that I can make my article sound attractive enough to warrant publication in a magazine. good luck with that.

(Read the fine print under “submissions” in any travel magazine–or any magazine, for that matter: “Publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts. Unsolicited photos and articles must be accompanied by a SASE.” In case you didn’t know, SASE stands for “Self-addressed, stamped envelope” so that the publisher can send your article back to you, unread.

With magazine editors receiving hundreds of query letters a month—literally—there is simply no chance of ever becoming a travel writer. Maybe, if I were to take a trip to some highly exotic and interesting place, such as Tierra del Fuego, or New Caledonia, I would have a one percent chance of getting an article published. But the cost of the trip would outweigh any remittance for the article, and if I could afford to do that, then I probably wouldn’t need to look for extra income in the first place.

Then, there are other affiliate platforms. Read their reviews. With one well-known platform that claims to have been advertised on television, there are constant efforts to upsell this or that expensive add-on. A $50 investment can turn into a $4,000 investment, with no guarantee of eventual success.

With Wealthy Affiliate, what you see is what you get, and nothing less. The training is detailed and first-rate, and you can talk to people who have had success with it.

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