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Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate and why it is far, far better than any other online, work-at-home ideas that I have seen in the past two years since I retired. It is non-scam and it will work if you stick with it. Too many other platforms and ideas I’ve tried either misrepresented what they do, or they took my money and ran, or they were sincere but misguided and did not achieve the results they promised. Wealthy Affiliate works! Take the plunge!! See my post “Wealthy Affiliate–legitimate, non-scam moneymaker” for the link to the WA website.


  1. DorcasW

    PMurray; thanks for your short live and direct post on wealthy affiliate. I really appreciates your effort however, by the time I began to agree with you there were nothing left for me to agree with. Now will you agree with me that from day break to nightfall if you and I begin to about wealthy affiliate and all that we can find in it from classroom to community we wound not be able to exhausted it all? So, let’s get serious and stock up our websites with quality content raging from fifteen hundreds to two thousands words if we put out minds and time to tasks don’t you agree that we can do it? Cheers! DorcasW

  2. Your website is going well. I admire your pace of writing blogs. You have so many posts so far. How many months now you are with WA? I am a new member at WA of not even a month now. Please go to my website I dont have much posts yet but I have created at least five of them. Why dont you give small paragraphs and headings to your contents as a small advice from my side?

    Anyway your niche is nice.

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